Boutique Hotel & Restaurant La Puertecita
Santo Domingo 75
San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, 37740, Mexico
+52 415 152 5011‎ | 415 152 2250 | 415 152 2275
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Colorful for a change?

How about visiting a really colorful place for a change? San Miguel de Allende is the one. If you appreciate vibrant tonalities of shameless bright colors, you will be in the best site for that purpose. Everywhere you turn. In the incredible ancient buildings, in the stones of the streets and sidewalks, in the houses, doors and windows, in the gardens and parks and the decoration of the city. In the balloons and air driven toys of the street vendors, and in the food and drinks too. Everywhere. A balm for the spirit. Come and get your share.