Boutique Hotel & Restaurant La Puertecita
Santo Domingo 75
San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, 37740, Mexico
+52 415 152 5011‎ | 415 152 2250 | 415 152 2275

Recent quotes from our guests and clients

From Bill York

Attention: Hugo, Antonio and Staff,

After a much needed rest after our two weeks in your beautiful city, I have had time to reflect on our time in San Miguel. Our dinners at your La Puertecita hotel/restaurant were certainly very special.
I, personally, want to thank you for the two dinner parties you served March 7 & 14 to celebrate my 80th birthday. The selection, quality and presentation of the cuisine was of the best ever.
You and your staff did a perfect job. My fellow celebrants could not have been more impressed.
Thank you for making my birthdays very special. May God bless your lives richly.

Bill York