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Spring in San Miguel de Allende

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It is well known that this beautiful city, located in Central Mexico, has one of the best and friendlier weather conditions in the world. No, it is not an exaggeration. Many persons say it is the best, period. That is the reason for the amazing gardens in many areas of the city. Some of them seem to have been designed as the background of a fairy tale. Huge healthy trees and colorful flowers of many kinds create dream landscapes and friendly gardens all over town.
The Candelaria celebration in the Parque Juárez is a joy to the eye. For several days around the second of February, this beautiful park gets crowded with vendors from different areas of Mexico who offer their plants and flowers in a symphony of lust and color. The variety of plant species is incredible. And the prices are fair.
The spring is the best time to come for the lovers of nature. The gardens come back to life and proudly give us the best they have to offer. Come and enjoy the best season of a colorful city. One of the many things it has to offer for the people who enjoy the good life.

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