Boutique Hotel & Restaurant La Puertecita
Santo Domingo 75
San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, 37740, Mexico
+52 415 152 5011‎ | 415 152 2250 | 415 152 2275

Wedding or celebration? La Puertecita is the place

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If your wedding or important celebration is on the near future, you should consider the services that Boutique Hotel La Puertecita has to offer. We are one of the best places you can find for that purpose. Our installations, services, details and everything that is related to such events are perfect. Our highly skilled personnel know all about the necessary details and have a long term experience on it. Our restaurant, roofed terraces, different patios, unroofed terraces at different levels surrounded by the beautiful trees that are an important part of the hotel exteriors. Our world class cooks and food related services. Great silverware. Flowers everywhere. Mariachi and other kinds of entertainment. Special take away details for your guests made by our highly skilled and well recognized local artisans. And many things more. You tell us what your ideas are and most probably we can make them possible. Besides, you can rent rooms for your guests or the whole hotel. Make your dream wedding or celebration a reality. See details on the section Features & Services. La Puertecita is ready for you in San Miguel de Allende, the best city to visit in the world.

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