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Casa del Mayorazgo de la Canal.

San Miguel de Allende is full of attractions of all sorts. A city of fiesta, tradition, art and culture. Everywhere you look, amazing things are there to be appreciated and enjoyed. Very few cities in the world are so colorful. Beauty is all over town. But the ancient colonial, almost 500 year old buildings of the Centro Histórico (the historical protected downton area) are superb.

Very well kept and preserved, protected by the Mexican Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia and the UNESCO, some of them are unique arquitectonic jewels. If you appreciate good arquitecture or maybe are an arquitect or an art fan, this town has a lot to offer to you.

Besides, some of them have historical value for having been the scenery of important moments in the history of the country, like the first ayuntamiento libre (city council of the free Mexico), or the place where the conspirators used to meet secretely planning the independence from spain. And more.

Come to this amazing city and enjoy the arquitecture, among many other things.