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September, month of the big fiestas in San Miguel

September is the month of the most important celebrations in San Miguel de Allende. “El mes de la patria” (the month dedicated to patriotic celebrations) in the whole country, in this beautiful town has a special relevance. The war that led to the independence from spain, started in 1810. The conspirators used to meet secretly here, in the basement of one of the historic buildings just a few steps from the Jardín Principal (main square). The first action to start the war, “El grito”, happened in the neighbor town of Dolores when they got discovered. This important date is celebrated in the whole country and abroad, but it has a special meaning here.

Besides, the 29 of September is the day of San Miguel Arcángel, patrono de San Miguel. Practically every town in Mexico has a saint that is considered their “Santo Patrono” (the saint that protects the town according to the catholic tradition). This is celebrated with one of the biggest fiestas in the year. Other fiestas happen in September too, a month crowded with fiesta and celebration. One after the other. 

Summer is a great season in San Miguel

Summer is a good season to visit San Miguel de Allende. The mildly hot weather is perfect to walk the streets, visit the parks and enjoy the pools and resorts. Good food, like the colorful and tasty fruits that you can enjoy in Mexico, and many other delights that have made mexican cuisine one of the best in the world. Great drinks, amazing night life and lots of things to do. Try it, you will love it.